Monday, February 23, 2009

Obedience to Authority

I do not think we are always obedient to authority. I think many of us might be, but everyone has a limit. Everyone will stop at some point, and you can not say when you will stop because you have never been driven that far. If people were always obedient, in the 1800s slaves would have never run away, Germans would hve not protected Jews in WWII, the word treason would have not been invented.

its in humen nature, however, to follow a leader. But its also in humen nature to rebel. You cant take one study and apply it to the whole of humanity. That is just dumb.

So, who has a right to have authority? In terms of govermant, I am a strong believer in the social contract of John Locke. The govermant must be somehow repersentitve of the people. If the govermant fraks up, the govermant must be held responceible.

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